The permanent residence permit is issued by the local Migration Offices in Bulgaria. It can be issued on the basis of the Bulgarian origins of the applicant or marital/family relations, the investment intentions of the applicant, etc.

The permanent residence permit could be granted also to foreigners who already have merits towards Bulgaria in the public or economic sphere, in the field of science, culture or sport.

In some specific cases workers in other countries-members of the EU can obtain a long-term residence permit in Bulgaria on labor reasons, and valid for one year, where it could be renewed later. Issuing of “blue card of EU” for labor reasons is also recognized by the Bulgarian legislation.

The law details also specific reasons why an application for a permanent residence permit may be rejected. These reasons are usually related to economic or criminal issues related to the applicant. In cases of eventual rejection by the authorities for issuing permanent residence permit, we can appeal these on behalf of the applicant in the local Bulgarian court.

Our consultants can provide you with advice about the legal requirements before applying for a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria.