Continuous residence in Bulgaria is the procedure most often chosen by foreigners as the first step in settling their legal stay in Bulgaria.

The procedure that people have to go through is relatively quick, but not everyone can get a long-term residence permit in Bulgaria. Among the legal grounds that foreigners base their application on /the list is not comprehensive/ are:

the foreigner works under an employment contract in Bulgaria, after permission, or performs a freelance or non-profit activity;

the foreigner carries out a commercial activity, as a result of which at least 10 job positions should be opened for Bulgarian citizens;

the foreigner is of Bulgarian origin;

the foreigner is a representative of a commercial agency registered in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry;

the foreigner’s child is a Bulgarian citizen or a foreigner with permanent residence in our country, after fulfilling relevant additional requirements;

Each applicant should also have a secured accommodation /place to stay/, health insurance and proof of sufficient means of subsistence.

The law also lists specific reasons why an application may be rejected. These reasons are usually due to economic or criminal issues related to the applicant. In the event of refusal by the authorities for issuing a permanent residence permit, members of our team of lawyers and legal consultants can assist and represent you in the procedure of appeal before the local competent executive/judicial bodies.